April 11-22, 2016

If we can put 1,917 green dots on our campus map, we’ll give you the opportunity to pie your favorite faculty, staff, administrators and student leaders — including UAF Chief of Police Keith Mallard and Chancellor Powers — at Spring Fest Field Day!

We know that changing community norms doesn’t happen because one person does one big thing — it happens when lots of people do lots of little things that add up to a big change. If we all work together during Sexual Assault Awareness Month, what could we accomplish? How could we change our campus norms if we worked together to put 1,917 green dots on our campus map?

UAF Green Dot challenges the students, faculty, and staff of UAF to generate 1,917 green dots between April 11-22.   That’s just one green dot for every 7 members of the UAF community to commemorate the year UAF was founded.   These green dots can be proactive or reactive and can be submitted in three ways:

  1. Via social media: Tag your post to Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook with #uafgreendot or make a post to the UAF Green Dot Facebook page to tell us about your green dot.
  2. Post your green dot on the display in Arctic Java.
  3. Tell us about your green dot via our website!