We have all been in a situation where we knew something was wrong, but didn’t know how to help. We all have barriers, which are personal or situational reasons for not getting involved. We often think the only successful intervention is a direct one like, “Hey knock it off!’, “That’s not OK!’ or even breaking up a fight, however Green Dot provides bystander trainings and overview talks to offer options for safely getting involved in a red dot situation.
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Four-hour Green Dot Bystander Training

What?    Highly interactive, activity & skills-based training designed to strengthen the deliberate use of peer influence, to harness natural leadership and to capitalize on the idealism of young adults.

Who?  Students and those employee groups who have the most direct interactions with students and carry the most social influence across student groups (e.g, Residence Life personnel, Athletic coaches, Academic Advisors, Student Orientation,  and so forth).   Interested employees welcome.

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90-minute Green Dot Overview for Faculty, Staff & Administrators

What?   Participatory training built on adult-learning styles that introduces the basic elements of Green Dot strategy and focuses specifically on the vital role university employees (especially faculty and administrators) play in establishing and reinforcing the campus culture within which students exist.

Who? Any university employee.    Equips all employees, regardless of job title or location, to integrate within their current job functions key behaviors that establish new norms for our campus.

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